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Picking your Standard Poodle Puppy Out

When picking a Poodle Puppy remember that the puppy who hangs in the back of the pack or seems timid when approached will be the puppy that grows to be a very sweet, mild and loving adult. These puppies will be easier puppies to get through the 6 month to 1 1/2 year stage of life as they will not be as rambunctious and as full of mischief as their more outgoing, at a young age, litter mates.

Often times people mistake these puppies as being "shy" but with the right guidance these are the puppies that make the best companions for those who are not inclined to many rigorous outdoor activities. Which is not to say that puppies with this sweet nature should not be taken out to socialize.

These are the "let's go to the Mall" puppies where as the more inquisitive puppies are more likely to say, "let's go to the river, jump in the water, run up the hill, then counter surf with muddy paws"!

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Poodle Tails

Some lines produce what is called a "Gay" or "Rune" Tail, meaning they lay over the back of the Poodle. As the Poodle gets older some will relax and be somewhat straighter, it depends on how "Gay" the tail is to begin with.

My own viewpoint is that when we started docking the tails longer we started seeing more of this phenomenon.

The show ring hated the Gay Tail at first but now is being more forgiving, depending on the judge Both Stanzi and Touche' are donning Gay Tails. We think they are very cute and Poodley.

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Cherri’s & Stanzi’s Turn

Cherri's turn to get a bath today. Stanzi too will be bathed and rebanded(top knot and mane protection) . Our show Poodles have to be banded every other day and bathed at least once a week. The Poodles love to come to the PoodleTown Tavern to have their hair done. they get to stay in the office until it's time for them to be groomed. Cherri's show relaunch is schedules for January 2010. She's matured and is more beautiful than ever. 

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